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I don’t know about you, but I’m the kind of gal who needs to change things up on a regular basis. If my environment stays the same for too long, I get tired of it. That’s why I love to change my desktop wallpaper every month.

Choose your download below. Once it appears, right click to save. Further instructions below if needed. Enjoy!

DESKTOP 1280 x 1024 ipad mini 768 x 1024 iphone

DESKTOP 1920 x 1080 ipad pro 2048 x 2732

DESKTOP 2560 x 1440

DESKTOP 2690 x 1560

How to change background on Mac

How to change background on Windows

What's my screen size?

Changing my background reminds me to tidy up those folders and file them away. A nod to Marie Kondo! Sparks Joy!

Sunny regards!


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