January 2020 Free Device Background Download.

As the year ends, I am so grateful for all that I already have and I am excited to experience a new year. During this busy season let’s try to slow down, simplify, and take care of ourselves.

I love to read uplifting quotes and I believe in “I am” affirmations. I would like to focus on these ideas in 2020 in my illustrations and lettering. Manifestation blossoms when we turn down or tune out doubtful noise. Reality is a projection of our thoughts or the things we habitually think about.

This image features a “star chart” in the background that is a repeat pattern design used in a new collection I am working on called “Sail Away with Me”.

So let’s end this year by welcoming in the love, joy, success, and wellness that we deserve in 2020!

Choose your download below. Once it appears, right click to save. Further instructions below if needed. Enjoy!

Desktop 1280x1024.......................iPad mini 768x1024..............iPhone 6 & 7 P 1242x2208

Desktop 1920x1080.......................iPad Pro 2048x2742..............iPhone 11P 1242x2688

Desktop 2560x2020

Desktop 2690x1560

How to change the background on my Mac

How to change background on Windows

What's my screen size?

Changing my background reminds me that it's a new beginning. A fresh start.

Happy New Year!


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