Getting to Bonaire – Direct Flights from USA


There are SO MANY possibilities to choose from these days!  Direct and reliable routes.  Woo Hoo!  Distant memories of ALM Airline (Always luggage missing)  and slow American Eagle via Puerto Rico are rides of days gone by.

These are the easiest most direct routes available and the airlines we recommend when visiting Bonaire from the USA.  Days and times vary slightly according to DST and high season.

DELTA departures on Friday, Saturday & Sunday: VIA ATLANTA Delta Airlines

ATL 9:45AM  BON: 2:45PM (4 HOURS) 

UNITED departures on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday: VIA Houston United Airlines

HOU 12:10PM – BON: 5:55 (4:45 HOURS)  

AMERICAN departures Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday (New – yay!)

MIA 12:05 ARRIVE 3:07 (3 HOURS)  American Airlines

For more Airline choices (with more stops) visit Tourism Bonaire


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