Fitness on Vacation?


Almost missing your connection shouldn’t be the only time you work up a sweat on vacation. We get it: your travel plans might make you tempted to forget about your workout routine. Especially if it’s an “active” vacation like a scuba diving trip.

Scuba Diving may not burn enough calories to make up for the extra indulgences we treat ourselves to when vacationing. “PADI has done quite a bit of research on this, and estimates that an average shore-dive in temperate water burns as much as 600 calories per hour — the same as jogging. However, a leisurely boat dive in warm, tropical waters burns about 300 calories an hour.” (scuba diving magazine)

About the same calories as one Margarita! So, if you want to maintain and not gain on your vacation, try these simple tips to keep in shape on the go:

Stretch post-flight

After a long trip, your muscles tend to be tighter than ever. When you get to your gate, ward off lower-back soreness with a forward fold: Bend at the hips and fall forward, and swing arms side to side. Stand up and stretch on the flight.  Once you arrive at your destination, help your body and mind reset with a couple of yoga stretches like: downward dog and the child’s pose. 

Scope out the fitness scene and try a new class. You will have a more authentic stay by meeting some of the locals.

Wake up a half hour early and do a 30 minute jog along the sea or a few exercises to rev up your metabolism. Jumping jacks, lunges and planking and you can be finished before the hotel gym opens.

You can also windsurf, ride a bike, swim, kayak, or SUPboard. Try something new on vacation, and burn a few calories while you’re at it.

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