Back to School

Marie Plankontette

“Marie Planktonette”

Art School that is, with the famous Jane Davenport. Online classes and live workshops. I took the plunge, gathered my art supplies, sharpened my pencils and went back to school.

About my instructor:

Jane Davenport is a professional Artist prize-winning Author and international workshop leader. Her work has been exhibited internationally and featured in media as widely varied as the Wall Street Journal to Feature Films such as ‘Aquamarine’.

Oh!  And! She is from the big Island-Continent of Australia and has a gorgeous accent.

Art image is “Jane inspired” homework from my journal created during her course “Vitamin Sea”.

Let them eat crab cake, off with her head and all that.  Very fun!

Art Image:  S. Craig,  Watercolor sprays and pastels

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